Gorilla Mansion

Welcome, our vision is to create an immersive web3 gaming experience in high resolution whilst bringing key aspects from the web3 movement such as ownership & decentralization of in-game assets via the marketplace which will be accessible by browser or in the pause menu.

The vision for the game is an open map where being in charge of the mansion is the key objective among others, players will receive generous airdrops in the games native token for being in control for set periods of time, during peak hours these prizes will increase for remaining in charge of the stronghold.

Essentially the gorillas will be the starting point to launching a series of cities inside the game such as the opposing degen ape city of which weekly cash tournaments will be hosted between players to go head to head in battle royale mode.

Vehicles such as cars, planes, helicopters, jets, boats, yachts, motorbikes, army vehicles & more will be available to use freely in the game either by jacking a fellow player's ride or buying your own vehicle outright using ETH, any goods aqcuired will be returned to the rightful owner after that session is over.

Land, businesses & properties, the virtual real estate market is growing every day with major names already making headlines for buying virtual assets in the metaverse, our game will be no different, expect to see your favourite brands at some stage during our bright future on the gorilla highstreet, buy land at our presale to make sure you're there first.

Our vision is to build an awesome legacy game that will be built on & updated eventually reaching console level userbases when the necassary infrastructure has been built to house web3 gaming on mainstream devices.

Each of these unique NFTs are minted on the Ethereum compatible Polygon Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, when buying or selling an asset in the game such as land or vehicles there will be zero gas fees.