Gorilla Mansion

White paper 1.1

NFTs - 8888 gorillas in total which includes 888 OG editions & various hidden rarities across the plethora of in game characters that forms the entire genesis collection.

Utility - The key utilities from owning a gorilla include the in game playable aspect of which any owner will have the option to enable the sale of use to their character for a permitted amount of time through our innovational concept of peer to peer character rental marketplace, the gorillas will also serve as access passes to a wide variety of clubhouses to be built in popular metaverse games such as the sandbox & decentraland, by owning a gorilla any creator has the rights to apply to sell clothing, wearable, weapon upgrades or vehicle modifications when the 3D marketplace is open, further utilities such as on chain spawning of free NFTs depending on which rarities you are holding, certain thresholds of gorillas will allow the owner to apply for metaverse business licenses in the game.

Phases - Build Community - Release OGs - Game development commence - Game previews - Voxel version previews  - P2E gaming tournaments - High profile collaborations - Capital funding round - Voxel version mint - Gorilla wives mint - Free baby mint - Gorilla mansion zombies mode beta testing - Mainstream marketing - Land sale - Property sale - Business sale - Vehicles & weapons marketplace opens - Gorilla mansion beta testing - Full game launch on Desktops through application download - Mini game modes such as gorilla zombies on all devices & consoles through native app stores - Collaborations with major gaming platforms.

Mint price - #001 - #050 0.009 wETH (done), #050 - #100 0.01 wETH (done), #100 - #888 0.012 wETH (done), #888 - #2000 0.018 wETH, #2000 - #2222 0.022 wETH, #2222 - #4000 0.05 ETH, #4000 - #6000 0.07 ETH, #6000 - #8888 - 0.08 ETH.

Blockchain -All gorilla activity is currently based on the polygon chain due to the low gas fees it makes the most sense for the in game marketplace to function on a layer 2 network that work on POS (proof of stake) this allows the blockchain to process more transactions per second at a lower gas rate for more information about polygon please refer to their website to learn more about the matic eco system, the gen 2 drop is on ERC-721A which allows for a low gas fee mint process & to increase our brand exposure along with a host of other key benefits, the main game however will run on the low gas fee second layer network.

Art gallery - One of our key goals is to open a digital NFT art gallery combined with a workshop & creative space to help new artists & collectors to learn about the new frontier of web3, we will also be streaming live workshops throughout twitter spaces & youtube for our online community alongside hosting special guest speakers, independent artists will be invited to showcase their latest works.

Team - Our community management team is 12 - 16 key members online & offline 24 hours a day 7 days a week including the key tech lead & founder James who is from the UK with great experience in marketing, a wealth of knowledge on cryptocurrencies and the history of the NFT market combined with an innovative mindset and creative theory, other members of our core team include Charlie who is a family member and manager of key aspects including legal & game development canvassing & hiring, our 3D design team includes Jennifer & Augustina who are hard at work on various programs building game ready assets to be traded as NFTs, our twitter team includes Schem & Gabe who are great community leaders and have been part of the NFT community, they both have supported the project since the early stages and have actively taken part in buying gorillas as collectors also, we regularly host AMAs on live twitter spaces or in our discord to make ourselves readily available for any questions from our collectors, a full team profile will be updated on the upgraded version of this website, we will be hiring a game studio with an expected required amount of 50 - 100 UE5 game developers to build the main production.

Our game - The main game will be set in a cinematic high graphics render of a 3D virtual world (see preview here) including 2 cities and a countryside area with mountains & hills with hidden villages unlocking certain story lines, the mansion will become an objective during each session for players to hold control in order to receive prizes in utility tokens, all businesses, air vehicles & properties will be transferable between players using the integrated marketplace, each player will be able to build out their own empire using tools such as the metaverse business launchpad which allows for members to create items such as clothing ranges, vehicle or weapons upgrades, the game concept includes TV channels, radio stations, car modification workshops, cinemas, sports venues such as stadiums, all of these assets to be bought and leveraged by our players in their own empire.

Token - Our utility token will launch in 2022 this token will serve as a key to unlock certain in game upgrades to vehicles or properties, entire renovations to properties or jewellery is enabled to be unlocked through holding this token.

The sandbox game - We are releasing a collection of voxel version gorillas in April 2022 issued to the ethereum blockchain, our development team will be working on building a number of play to earn games inside the virtual world, this will allow us to have an entry portal to our main game where our players can switch between the two gaming worlds. All of our OG edition holders will receive their voxel version gorilla for free.

Rarities - The rare trait lines are based on the DNA of certain gorillas such as the Bloodlines, Illusive, Cyborgs, Commanders, Mutants & Apocalyptics increase the rarity of the baby mints by only having 88 of each trait line in the entire collection, other hidden rare traits exist throughout to enhance the experience of our collectors when building teams.

Collaborations - Our game model allows for a unique business solution for other founders to franchise their own in game brands such as nightclubs, clubhouses, venues, clothing stores, vehicle ranges & mercenary facilities which will be spotlighted on the main map to all of the players online, we have a number of brands signed up to start their own collections which all house key utilities in their own range of mini games.